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Managing a Telecommuting Workforce

As you set up a telecommuting workforce, here are touch points to ensure you maintain productivity and engagement.

EXPECTATIONS • State Your Policy: DO establish a telecommuting policy with guidelines covering points below. Announce and distribute it. Post it on your employee portal. • Hours: Establish expected hours of availability. Decide the parameters of where you can offer flexibility. Be consistent.

• Technology: Identify your existing and needed technology platforms to support connection and productivity. • Productivity, metrics, goals: Make sure numbers are tracking, projects are following the agreed upon timelines. • Company equipment: Clearly state that equipment is for the employee’s use only. Decide how equipment will be serviced, maintained and who the resource is for employees to get support. Offer that contact information and hours. • Reimbursement: Decide if any reimbursements will be made if employees use their own computers and phones.

ENGAGEMENT • Schedule regular calls. Start with a segue by asking, "What's your personal and professional best?" Humanize interactions. • Meet virtually: Enrich connectivity through virtual meetings.

CONSEQUENCES • Have Hard Conversations: Offer flexibility as people figure this out. AND. Don’t be fearful of calling people out if you feel like productivity and engagement has dropped off. A Fierce conversation will help get them back on track. • People Issues: Any "people issues" you've been avoiding will become painfully obvious. Now is the time to address Wrong People/Wrong Seat, head on.

CELEBRATIONS • Creativity is Key: Make virtual meetings fun. Give them a theme. Ask funny questions, ask people to share.

STAFFING If you've begun working on scenario planning for potential layoffs, FIRST ask for volunteers. Employees may take accrued vacation time. Some may want unpaid time off. The response will impact your decision making.

AFTER ACTION REVIEW When this forced trial period has passed, record lessons learned. Have you developed new efficiencies? Did your policies work? What can you now leverage to increase future productivity?

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