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Trial and Error Is Part of Success

It was August 23, 1977; Paul MacCready, Jr.'s pedal-powered Gossamer Condor flew into the record books, claiming the Kremer Prize for human-powered flight.

MacCready understood the practical value of failure, and consciously built his success on it. He designed his airplane to crash well- to protect the pilot and be quickly repairable, so the plane could be crashed and learning could continue. MacCready not only expected to fail, he depended on it, to learn, and eventually succeed.

Failure is an implicit part of the scientific method. Trial and Success” doesn’t make much sense as a philosophy. Deploying an operating system like #EOS will help you strengthen six key components of your business. So you can crash-test-your-way to success in 2019, keeping your team safe and quickly repairing any missteps.

#Failureispartofsuccess #failfast

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