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A "Clarity Break" How-To

One of the most read (and classic) articles from Fast Company in 2013 was this article: Why You Should Work From A Coffee Shop Even When You Have An Office. Read it Here.

Business owners spend some much time working IN their business, and seldom ON their business. Everyone else’s lack of planning becomes YOUR emergency. It feels like progress is happening, but the reality is that more energy is spent around putting out fires, and not on moving the business forward. The urgent has driven away what is really important.

Take a Clarity Break… Strategy vs. Tactics

How you run your clarity break is quite personal. This is where the coffee shop comes in. Or the library. Or the “Fill in your Happy Place Here.” Schedule a Clarity Break. Try one. See how it goes. If you like it, set up your recurring meeting cadence. Guard your time fiercely.

What a good clarity break looks like:

  • they take place somewhere where you will not be distracted, out of the office

  • they are scheduled with a frequency that works for you

  • they are long enough for you to have time to think, and feel a sense of self-alignment once they are over

  • they are done with paper and pen – keep a journal, do a mind map. Don’t use technology.

If you don't know where you are going, you might wind up someplace else. – Yogi Berra

Feel free to share an insight about your Clarity Break – I’d love to hear from you.

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