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TOP TEN Issues List Builder

In the EOS two-day annual session, teams focus on building Team Health with an exercise based around Lencioni's Five Dysfunctions pyramid. When Team Trust is high, individuals gain more confidence in working through issues in both the quarterly and Level 10 Meeting™s. The ability to identify and tackle key issues is instrumental in gaining traction in achieving both short and long-term goals.

Here's my TOP TEN list to help you make sure your Issues List is working for you and your team.

  1. Meeting: Given your need to process info (we all approach things differently!) does the meeting allow you to present your issues effectively? (Here is a great EOS Worldwide blog that will help you)

  2. Working: Is your Issues list working? (Read this)

  3. Reporting: Do you believe the report out on Rock completion and scorecard is accurate, open & honest?

  4. Populating: Are you “dropping down” off track rocks and scorecard numbers to the issues list?

  5. Rigorous: Is your Issue List populated with meaty issues that you need to align on?

  6. Avoiding: Are there key issues that are being addressed outside the level 10 (personally or departmentally) that truly concern all leaders?

  7. Role Clarity: Do you still GWC (get, want, have capacity) for all the functions you have on the accountability chart? If not, have you asked your team for help by putting this on the issues list?

  8. Team Health: Are you approaching Leadership as a team sport – expecting the best from your fellow team players and holding them accountable?

  9. Resolve: Do you feel a sense of alignment and clarity at the end of your level 10 meetings?

  10. Traction: Are you leveraging this tool to its best advantage to increase your quarterly rock completion? This is foundational to achieving your 1-, 3- and 10-year plan!

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