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The Secret to 1 Incredible Year

Did 2017 finish the way you'd planned? Now that you're firmly entrenched in 2018, are you simply shrugging off the failed expectations of last year? Or, if it was a great year, are you building on your success? Grabbing your opportunities by the b..., well, do you have a plan to make the most of them?

I'm in the midst of annual planning season with my EOS clients. Taking a look back. Learning. Leaving the past in the past, and setting the best strategies in place to make the most of the 12 months ahead. Armed with knowledge, tools and discipline to have a good amount of certainty that we will end up very close to our targets.

In a year, teams commit to 6 solid days, off site, to work ON this business. As their EOS Implementer, I challenge them. I play the role of "outside memory." (As an observer, many things are "new" to my brain, allowing my recall to be better than those who live so close to the details.) We can celebrate the problems that have gone away for good, and find a new approach to issues that have "shape-shifted" a bit because they're not quite solved.

“Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel.” ― Socrates

We learn a ton in the course of a year, and we leverage it to truly be better when the same symptoms appear. In the course of one year, leadership team who run companies with EOS read an entire Traction Library of books, as well as some of Lencioni's best. When you're reading things that directly apply to both the struggles you're experiencing, and the new tools you have to solve them - your success gains measurable velocity.

EOS Worldwide recently launched the Traction Library: Essential Reading for Company leaders, and for everyone in the company. The page provides instruction and context for everyone in your company to implement EOS. I recommend you check it out.

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