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Triangle for Business Success

I just came back from my quarterly EOS Implementer meeting, a gathering of professional EOS Implementers, trained to implement EOS in companies in the very best way possible. Here, I was reminded of fellow implementer Jonathan Smith’s book, Optimized for Growth.

In his book, Jonathan presents the compelling case that successful entrepreneurs work best in a Success Triangle of three components in their tool kit:

  1. An Operating System,

  2. A high-performing Peer Group like Vistage, EO, and others

  3. An experienced mentor or coach.

There’s a place for each, and when a commitment to each is kept, a powerful synergy that exists that adds velocity to a business’s success. And, the business owner’s ability to lead, manage, and hold herself, and her team, accountable.

EOS: Or the Entrepreneurial Operating System; a complete set of simple concepts and practical tools that’s helped thousands of entrepreneurs get what they want from their businesses. Implementing Business owners experience improvement in 3 key areas – Vision, Traction and Health of the Leadership team. It’s not something you add to your business, but a new way of doing business.

Peer Groups: Peer groups allow a confidential opportunity for business leaders to exchange best practices and new insights. In these groups, they identify new opportunities, address challenges and feel more confident in their leadership decisions. The Power of Peers, is outlined in a book by the same name, authored by my friend and former colleague Leo Bottary, and Leo Shapiro.

A Coach, Mentor: No matter what stage a business is in, it’s easy to push off things that are really important. This includes personal growth. A coach brings the outside perspective, and helps leaders stay green and growing, while being accountable to doing the tough things they need to do to move the business forward. Work-life balance and improved communication skills are just two of the many outcomes of a coach. One of Payton Manning’s 7 Leadership Lessons is “Everyone needs a Coach.”

How’s your success triangle? Do you have the right tools in your professional life to add velocity to your business and personal success?

Or are you still running around in circles?

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