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Why Velocity6™ ?

EOS isn't something you add to your business; it's a simplified way of doing business.

A proven set of simple, practical tools that synchronize your team's efforts 

in support of creating an extraordinary business.


If you feel like your business is running you, rather than you running your business,

contact me for a complimentary 90-minute meeting.


Together, we'll discover the path to what extraordinary means for your company,

with "Vision, Traction and Healthy."

EOS Implementer Entrepreneurial Operating System
EOS Implementer Entrepreneurial Operating System
EOS Implementer Entrepreneurial Operating System


100% of your staff on the same page with where your organization is going, and knowing how to get there.


Everyone knowing exactly

how to execute well on your vision, weekly, quarterly and annually.


Your entire staff...working together as a healthy and cohesive team, with a great culture that attracts others.

With EOS®

The Entrepreneurial Operating System®

Let's Get Started...
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About Victoria

Are you ready to go big?  Victoria can help.

Victoria’s worked with big names. A common theme?
They weren’t big when she started.

She’s held leadership positions in product development for numerous entrepreneurial businesses, GAP, Darn Tough (a family run sock mill) and Burton Snowboards. As an “intrapreneur” working alongside Jake Burton, Victoria started launched Burton Snowboards’ Kids wear, when the company was still a small, family-run business. She grew the Division to $20M in revenue (55% margins) in three years. And helped launch the Olympic-bound career of an 8-year old Shaun White. (Now a retired three-time Olympic gold medalist.)

With Victoria as your Certified EOS Implementer®, you’ll discover…

  • Victoria brings her best self to three roles: EOS Implementer, Facilitator and Coach. She keeps sessions fun and engaging. She asks challenging questions. She makes each person feel supported and heard. When one person grows, the team benefits exponentially.

  • She’s done it. Victoria’s “lessons learned” stories come from years of experience. A natural, seasoned leader, she creates environments where “open and honest” thrive. Teams discover how to lean into each other. Perform with more discipline and accountability. Her stories help you see “why” it’s vital to DECIDE and take action.

  • Grit. When the process feels overwhelming, Victoria inspires you to persevere. Do the hard work until you achieve your breakthrough. Simply said…. GSD! On the other side of it, you’ll see what it’s like to run your business well, rather than it running you. Experience more freedom to enjoy what matters most.  

  • Impact. Victoria played a vital role in the founding the EOS Conference. She remains part of the EOS Conference team today, driving innovation in programming. A servant leader at heart, she seizes this as an opportunity to better serve her clients while making an impact on a global community of Companies Running on EOS®.

Are you ready to go for the gold with your business? Let’s get started.

Testimonials and Videos

“Every business experiences growing pains. Victoria facilitated EOS at a critical stage in our company's growth, and guided us through some painful decisions. She helped us understand and effectively utilize the EOS system, which has helped us dream bigger than we'd imagined. We now have a clear plan to make our ten year goal a reality, and we have increased competence and confidence as leaders. Victoria's support has been invaluable in our journey, and we anticipate using her every quarter.”

- Anne S., Principal

“Your EOS Implementation and continued support at our quarterlies helped us achieve our 3 year plan by the middle of year two. Thanks for helping us go further than we'd ever imagined."

- Maureen J., Visionary

“We were always so busy working on our business, we could never fully get around to implementing EOS on our own.  We loved the concept, and Victoria's implementation helped us get there 10x faster. We're finally firing on all cylinders, and loving the results we're getting. She was great to work with; we felt she was partnered in our success."

- Anthony J. CEO

The EOS process is all very helpful. Just seeing it in writing, all organized into a process, without the clutter helps us stay on task. The clarity has been greatly appreciated.

- Teresa J., Founder

“Victoria has done a terrific job of integrating our leadership into how EOS can help our company meet our growth numbers. Her contributions have been invaluable to our success.”

- Tim C., Integrator


I’d like to share with you that the threads have come together very nicely on my top three priorities as a result of our coaching time together. It’s one thing to hear a conversation in your head, but when the commitment is spoken to someone else, it brings far more reality to the issue. I’ll certainly give our time together a glowing report, and I greatly appreciate your feedback. 



Victoria, you are AMAZING! 
That was a great presentation ... the perfect combination of information and humor. And thank you for the quick follow-up information.

Carol R., Marketing Executive

John B., Silicon Valley SVP

Gino Wickman explains EOS 

A Business Management Model for Entrepreneurial Companies and their Leadership Teams.

EOS Implementer Entrepreneurial Operating System

Microsoft Features EOS

Microsoft reached out to EOS Worldwide
to undertake a joint project, focused on helping entrepreneurs. WATCH VIDEO

EOS Implementer Traction Gino Wickman

Go from 20% to 80%+

with EOS.


EOS Implementer Entrepreneurial Operating System

Most companies function at 20% capacity in the Six Key Components of their business.

They're surviving. But not thriving.

Imagine what being fully functional would feel like...Running your business, rather than it running you.

EOS gets companies to 80%,

or better. 

EOS Implementer Entrepreneurial Operating System

The EOS Model is a visual illustration of the Six Key Components of any business. 

I call my company Velocity 6, because as a Certified EOS Implementer®, I bring more Velocity to your ability to strengthen and manage these six key components of your business. This model applies to big and small businesses alike.


Working together, we'll get your business going in the right direction, much faster than you will get there on your own.



  1. the speed of something in a given direction.


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